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Techniques on playing the Lyre Harp And Earn Money with Lyre Harp Latest Ways [2022]

Different Techniques on playing the Lyre Harp

Techniques on playing the Lyre Harp And Earn money with Lyre Harp Latest Ways [2022]

You might be thinking about how to play your Lyre Harp in different styles or you might see different ways to play on Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, or any social media. So let’s talk about different ways or techniques of playing the Lyre Harp. There will be some easy or basic, too advanced where you can mix all of this technique to enhance the sounds you are really aiming for.


Let’s start first with the basics, plucking is also the same with most of the stringed instruments like guitar and bass guitar. There are 3 types of this style, single-note plucking, chord plucking, and rhythm plus melody plucking.

Single Note Plucking

This type of plucking is very straightforward. You will hit the specific note or string alone to produce the sound. It’s the same as pressing a specific key on a piano or key in kalimba.

Chord Plucking

This type of plucking is hitting more than 1 string at the same time that will produce the sound of the chord you need to play. For example, you need to play the chord of Cmaj, you will need to pluck C, E, and G note strings all at the same time. And again it’s the same thing in the piano when playing the chords.

Rhythm and Melody

This next type of plucking is mixing the rhythm and melody, it means you need to hit both the notes for rhythm and melody which will make the sounds fuller. It will make the sounds it produces with a base tone. You can also mix this technique with chord plucking but this time you would probably use your two hands.


This method will be the same as strumming in a guitar or ukulele. With some additional steps of blocking the notes or strings that are not intended to be played. The strum should be played clockwise to the main chords you will be playing. It will also be almost the same as chord plucking but this time you would be strumming the strings then blocking others.


For the advanced lyre harp users, you can mix these different styles. This will be based on your creativity in playing the lyre harp. All of these techniques can be used on one music, song, or piece.

How to earn money with Lyre Harp Latest Ways [2022]

Do you play Lyre Harp or do you know something about Lyre Harp and you are thinking about how you can monetize your skill? The fact is with this world of globalization, you can earn with almost anything,

So if you were thinking that you may not earn with Kalimba you are 100% wrong. Maybe you did not think enough. The fact is you can make a living out of Kalimba.  Here I will show you how.

Generally, the ways you can earn money with Lyre Harp is unlimited; there are online ways and offline ways as follows.

How you can earn money with Lyre Harp online?


There are several freelancing opportunities where you can make money with Lyre Harp. You can sell your Lyre Harp gigs/service on a different freelancing platform like Fiverr, Upwork, or freelancer the service may includes

  • Do song covers-Lyre Harp version
  • Compose traditional soundtracks for movies and documentaries using Lyre Harp
  • Selling tablature
  • Converting tablature of another instrument to Lyre Harp


Almost everyone knows YouTube nowadays and probably you also know that you can earn money by uploading videos, this is also applicable to Lyre Harp. You can produce your own video while playing Lyre Harp with modern music together with the Tabs you use. You can also do compilations of music that they can play continuously.

After setting up your channel and uploading content, you can start applying to Google AdSense to display ads in your every video. But you should also check that you need a specific number or subscriber and watched hours before starting earning. It is also possible that you can earn with affiliate marketing, selling those products you use in your production.

Just keep uploading videos or guides and the money will flow afterward.


You may create a blog or website in which you will share everything you know about Lyre Harp. Then you may monetize your blog and start earning through selling an info product, Advertisement, affiliate marketing, courses, etc.

Online courses

For this next one, you must have advanced skills and a deeper understanding of Lyre Harp. You also need big confidence to perform this one, but surely a great way to earn.

Here you may prepare different tutorials either videos or slideshow concerning the particular Kalimba skill and provide it or sell it on different online platforms like Udemy, Skillshare, Teachable, or even sell them on Facebook etc.

Online store

This mean you will be doing an e-commerce site or even a social media shop. With this, you can sell different Lyre Harp instrument of different model and variants, Lyre Harp spare parts and even Lyre Harp accessories.

You can also sell eBooks and tablature you made on your online selling business.

Note: All of the ways we have shared to earn money with Lyre Harp needs a lot of time and effort, dedication and patience. Just continue what you been doing and keep on learning to development more ways to earn.

How you can earn money with Lyre Harp offline?

Start a Lyre Harp Class

Here you will be a mentor, tutor or instructor that will be teaching all your knowledge to others. And they will be paying a fee for the time and skills that you shared to them. This can be a solo or a group session.

Open up a Lyre Harp Store and Workshop

This one needs a physical store where you will be selling your Lyre Harp products and offering services like maintenance, fixing or even a customization. With this case it is much more good idea to sell different kinds of instruments on top of your Lyre Harp to maximize the earnings.


Our final on the list is going out there where a lot of people gather or pass by. You can play in front of many people while wishing that someone would give you something for playing. This would need a lot of courage and confidence on your skills as their might be people requesting songs form you to play, usually with a lot of money on the request.

To Summarize

For online ways: Freelancing, YouTube, Blog or Website, Online Courses, and Online store

For offline ways: Lyre Harp Class, Lyre Harp Store, and Workshop, and Busking

If you have thought or know other ways that we have not included in the list and you are willing to share them with everyone. Kindly comment below.

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