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Piano Notes and Music Sheets to Lyre Harp

You might be looking for a tabs for your favorite song in the internet or a website but can’t find it. And you might think of other ways on how to arrange your own but it’s not pretty easy if you are not a music enthusiast or someone with music background prior to having your lyre harp.

So why not read music sheets which are available widely in the internet specially those piano sheets that have huge library. But of course if you are a beginner in the world of music it won’t just be so easy but we are here to give some basic guides that you can follow. But if you would be able to read one then the succeeding would be much easier for you.

Piano Keys and Lyre Harp Strings

Your Lyre Harp would have different number of strings hence its octave will always vary. One octave is a set of notes based on its tune (A1 – G1). As you can see here you can now see the similarities of Piano and Lyre Harp with regards to the Keys and Strings. So if you press C4 in piano and play or pluck the C4 string in your lyre then it will produce the same tune. This would be helpful in reading the music sheets or some guides in Piano.

So in normal tuning of lyre harps, the white keys have equivalent in the lyre harps. However those black keys which we can accidentals are normally the flats and the sharps which can be achieve in lyre harp by retuning your strings but there are some cases wherein we can just ignore playing those keys or just using the non accidental keys.


What is the difference between a piano and a keyboard? - Quora

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Music Sheet

If you are not a music person or no knowledge at all and saw a music sheet, you might feel overwhelmed. But we will try to make it easier as we can be. Now, you need to find a music sheet online, there are free sheets just google them. Make sure that you will be using a C Major music sheets, this are sheets without any accidentals (# or b) throughout the sheet.

Now that you have the music sheet, let us convert each note one by one using the guide below. Just follow through the music sheet and make sure you are copying them correct, for Melody its on the treble clef and the Bass Clef will make your sound more fuller when played together. If you see a note on the same vertical line, it means you need to play it together. Also make sure that there are no accidentals sign in any part of the music sheet as it is referring to another note that will need us to transpose or return our lyre harp.

Treble Clef Notes to Kalimba

Other Piano Arrangement Source

Other than the music sheet, you can also use some YouTube video tutorials for piano. And for beginner, same as in music sheet, let us make sure that the guide is in C major standard so it will be easier and no need to transpose or retune our strings. Below is the example of keys played in the video wherein you need to copy them. The right side (blueish) is the melody of the songs which is the one you really need. Take note where did the note comes, if its after the C4 or C5 since it would be different octave already. Then the left side (violet)is the accompaniment or rhythm, which you can take note of some part that you can mixed with the melody.

Piano Keys by Phianonize

Final words

As we shared some basic stuff, all you need to do is follow them. It won’t be easy at first but if you really like to play the music you like you need to motivate yourselves. But if you don’ want to exert effort, there are people who will do the arrangement for you for some bucks or maybe free if you are lucky enough.

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