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Where to buy Lyre Harp Latest [2022]

Where to buy lyre harp

Where to buy Lyre Harp Latest [2022]

Where to buy Lyre Harp? During this period, most of the transactions are moved to online. Adding the covid pandemic era, digitalization around the world was pushed or forced to be implemented faster than a country should be. So we could be discussing more on online shops or what commonly called e-commerce where we can buy our Lyre Harp.


Lazada is an international e-commerce platform was founded in Singapore and one of the leading e-commerce store in southeast Asia (SEA). Lyre harp buyers from Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam could mark this store as one of the first option as it has a delivery service in their own country of residence. Also if offers faster transactions with card or COD. Although take note that most of the seller of Lyre Harp here are coming from Mainland China. Lazada is also parts of Alibaba Group that is why Chinese sellers are a lot here but there are also few sellers in your local area that would be better due to it would arrive sooner. You can find wide variety of Lyre Harp here are most of the price are cheap enough for you to have one. We also suggest that you always check the reviews before purchasing.


Shopee is a Singaporean multinational e-commerce that also based in SEA. They are the number 1 competitor of Lazada is SEA countries like Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. Although currently Shopee now exist as well in Taiwan, India, South America including Brazil, Mexico, Colombia and Chile then parts Europe including France, Spain and Poland. We have check all of the country stores and currently only India doesn’t have Lyre Harp available as of the moment but the rest have all available. Same with Lazada, they also offered card payments and Cash on Delivery with door to door delivery service as well. Sellers of Lyre Harp in Shopee are mostly from Mainland China as well but there are few that in are local seller. We still highly recommend to always check the reviews and ratings of the seller before making a purchase. You can also take advantage of the seller chat to discuss things or ask questions to the seller. Shopee also offers money back guaranteed in an issue occurred although you must read the terms and conditions so you’ll have a background how it was done.


AliExpres is a Chinese based e-commerce platform that was offering retail products. Most of the sellers are small time business in China, Singapore and other locations that caters international buyers. They are also part of Alibaba Group. Their site offers 12 translations and shipped on most countries around the globe. You can find a lot of Lyre Harp official sellers or official store sellers here as by now you already know that most of them are situated in China. You can discuss questions or concerns to the seller via their store built in chat and maybe can huddle the price. They offer up to 75 days buyer protection guaranteed money back while most of the shipping might take up to 45 days+ to the farthest location they can be. Be wary with some tax or customs on your country specially those items that are quite expensive already or reached your countries free tax. They usually send it as a gift to avoid this but always be prepared for anything else.


Alibaba is the initial company of the Alibaba Group which is a bigger shop than the AliExpress. Their main difference is that the price here are quite cheaper if you will buy in bulk. The more items you buy the cheaper price it will be, so its a wholesale shop and you can see that price in the shops are in ranges. Although take into account that while the price go lower, the shipping fee goes higher as the number of order becomes bigger. You can take advantage of these prices if you will buy items with your friends or planned to resell some of it. There is also a built in chat with the seller where you can huddle for the prices more, you can be surprise how more lower they can get and they might add freebies as well. The site offers 16 translations and also caters almost all the buyers around the world. What we see here is the smallest wholesale price normally starts from 5pcs to as many as you want.


Ok we got enough of Chinese stores and let us discuss Etsy, an American e-commerce company that focuses more on vintage and handmade products. Their seller came from different parts of the world and their items can be shipped mostly in any part of the world at your doorsteps. Their site offers 11 translations and on different local currencies. You can also find some local version of the site on your country. Some seller can offer free shipping but their price are a bit higher. They also give a quicker turn around of delivery time, but yet still depends on where the seller and buyer is located most of the time. But if you want handmade or customize lyre harp, etsy is the go to shop you need.


Amazon is one of the biggest e-commerce platform that was based in America. It is one of the big five companies in the US IT industry. The only disadvantage on them is they mostly cater US and Europe regions only. There are very few sellers that shipped worldwide, although you can also shipped them in your country by using third party providers which will cost more money. But if you are in the region that they cater, you are lucky enough and also can take advantage of their Amazon Prime subscription which will speed up the deliveries of the products. You can find cheap lyre harp here if you search thoroughly  and check those feedbacks on the products. Their site offers 9 translations and there are different sites per country or region. They are in 21 countries/region as of writing and we expect more country of operations soon.


There are other candidate shops where you find lyre harp inlucuding ebay and bangood and many more depends on what sites are famous in your current region or country. Just comment below and we will surely add them to the list.

Local Shops

Local Music Stores

Local music shops in your country might have lyre harp but they are very seldom. But checking them if you have luxury of time could be good as you can test it right away and check their quality. Also aside from checking everything else, you can immediately have the lyre harp immediately upon purchase.

WalMart and BestBuy

These two supermarkets often have imported products which includes lyre harp instruments. If you find one you are quite lucky as you won’t need to wait any longer. They also offers a lot of discounts frequently that you take advantage off.

Music Websites

There are also a lot of pop up music store around the web that sells lyre harp. But what we suggest is to research the site and company first before making any purchases to avoid being scammed or conned.

Social Media

Most social media can now be used as a selling platform like facebook. It will be much easier transaction since you can discuss more details to them real time. Although the rate of scammers are quite higher specially those requesting a payment first. With this kind of setup, we mostly suggest that you transact with caution or have a meetup so you’ll know what you are buying is.

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