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ABS Lyre Harp Everything Know Latest [2022]

ABS Lyre Harp In our modern world, the innovation is quite fast sometimes most of us are trying our best to catch up with it. Our lovely lyre harp which started in the ancient world is not being left out as well. New design and new materials are being used to make better or more amusing models that will both benefit the sounds and its elegance. One of the most innovative things they made is using the ABS on its body. Its a harden plastic material that is also used on many instruments as well.

ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene)

Let is discuss first the main material that being used, the ABS or Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene. This is an opaque thermoplastic and amorphous polymer. Instead of burning, thermoplastics like ABS liquefy, which allows them to be easily injection molded and then subsequently recycled. ABS is an amorphous material which mean it can be recycled. ABS is commonly been made by the process of emulsion. It is commonly used in injection molding or 3D printing. Lots of equipment or products we are using are made from ABS. Some example are computer keyboard, power tools, LEGO toys and many more which can included a whole body of a vehicles.

ABS for 3D printing

ABS is very popular or widely used in 3D printing as its very cheap and strong material. This material can be easily machined, sanded, glue and painted. It is being extruded into filament so it can be fed through 3D. It is usually being melted to close as 240°C and it melts very quickly. It is only used in FFF or FDM 3D printers. Although concerns are being raised with UFP concentrations generated while 3D printing with ABS that was linked on some adverse effect, its still relatively harmless that it hasn’t had any known carcinogen as of this day.

Lyre Harp

With the high-hardness and high density of ABS made the lyre harp strong enough to maintain the pitch and prevents the strings to squeeze in. This newly modernized lyre harp was made in 3D anti drop body which is also in clear transparent. It also have rounded edges that makes you hold it comfortably. Its Open-ended string hole also brings more convenience for replacing string and avoids wobbling. This lyre model is also lightweight so you can carry it easily anywhere you want it. The top of this lyre also have marked already with the right note that the string should have which is very beginner friendly. Finally this lyre can make a melodious warm sound and sweet tone where can be relaxing for everyone.

Sustainability is now the trend to save our mother earth while we enjoy things that we really like. Being environment friendly and non-toxic this model is one of a kind innovation that we should be embracing as make the earth greener and less carbon emission.

Lyres of Ur

The Lyres of Ur or Harps of Ur are regarded as the second most established and enduring stringed instruments in the world after those found in the Maykop culture.

Old English Saxon Lyre

An Irish harp, an instrument not known to exist for 400 years after Sutton Hoo. A strange and unconvincing arrangement of the lyre’s sections


During the advanced time, there were many artists. During excavations at internment pits and regal burial sites in Sumer, 3500 BCE, harps and lyres were found among the very earliest musical instruments.

Harp guitar

Alto guitar, Swedish lute, harp guitar, Bandura ukulele, Combolin, Chris Knutsen, early harp guitar builder “Benoit Gibson Harp Guitars”

Celtic harp

Celtic harps are three-sided outline harps learned from the Celtic countries of northwest Europe. There is an Irish term for it, cláirseach, and an English term, clársach

Beginning of the harp in Europe

The lyre was more common in the middle ages than the harp. The cythara lyre, the harp, and the hourglass drum are three instruments. Lyre, hourglass drum, and harp are Old English Saxon instruments. cythara, a man holding a stringed instrument

Single minded Lyre of Ur

Revelations. In “The King’s Grave,” the lyre was considered to be close to over sixty officer and specialist collections. A few other lyres and harps have also been uncovered

Chondrocladia lyra (divert from Lyre wipe)

It is a type of remote ocean wipe that consumes meat and can be found off the coast of California, also called the lyre wipe and the harp wipe.

IAU assigned heavenly bodies

Inscriptions with the name Lyncis Lyra (*la*r*)/Lyr Lyra (*la*ri*)/antiquated (Ptolemy) lyre/harp Vega Mensa Mensae/*m*ns*/1763, Lacaille, and as Mons.


King Arthur’s Harp (Talyn Arthur) and King David’s Harp are referred to as Ridges, Lyra. This is also known as the “Lyre of Zurah” in Persian. It was formerly known as the manger.

Kinnor (divert from David’s harp)

Accordingly, it is by and large interpreted as a “harp” or “lyre”, 440, and is associated with the lyres portrayed in Israelite symbolism, especially the lyres of Judah, Moses, and Aaron.

Music innovation

In addition to the lyre, there was the double-reed aulos. There is mention of multiple instruments in the Bible, including the horn, pipe, lyre, harp, and bagpipe
The talharpa, also called a tagelharpa or stråkharpa (bowed harp), is a four-stringed bowed lyre from northern Europe. It has never been outgrown.

Aeolian harp

Various forms. Standard harps are followed by box zithers, lyres, and, in one case, a fiddle. More present day AeThe more modern Aeolian harp can look all the more like
The ancient music of Ur (area harps)
Based on definitions, they would be called lyres rather than harps, the most famous of which is the cantankerous harp, held in Baghdad. However, the Iraq War supposedly ended before the Art Deco period started.

An instrument made of strings

This was divided into the case lyre, such as the Greek kithara, and the bowl lyre, which utilized a bowl with a skin soundboard on one side. It is the same idea as the vertically stringed harp.

Cithara (classification Lyres)

Kithara Guitar Harp Kinnor Kitharode Lyre Phorminx Pandura Zither Cythara, an instrument whose name comes from Kithara Guitar Harp Kinnor Kitharode Lyre … is frequently employed as a non-exclusive means of communication

Melodic bow

These instruments could be considered potential relatives or predecessors to the chordophone: the lute, lyre, harp, and zither families. Professor Sachs argued that the chordophone was not directly related to these instruments.

Music innovation (mechanical)

It consists of a twofold reed aulos and a lyre. The Bible makes mention of a variety of instruments, including horns, pipes, lyres, harps, and bagpipes.


1- The lyre (also known as the lyre) is the oldest plucked instrument in Western culture. Music and poetry in ancient Greece were studied through the use of the lyre. Erato is also associated with the image of the seven-string harp because it is both elegant and beautiful.

2- Nowadays, there are 10-string lyre harps, 12-string lyre harps, 16-string lyre harps, 25-string lyre harps, 35-string lyre harps, and styles vary, too. Lyres all have one thing in common: releasing pure sounds from materialized instruments and their materials. You can tap gently on a string to create a continuous whistling effect in the room. Music with a pure sound, independent of accompaniment or performance, helps us to relax our minds and bodies.

3- There are 21 steel strings on the 21 stings lyre harp, making it a richer and warmer sound, which will give you a pleasant musical enjoyment.

4- The lyre harp carved with clear reading notes is suitable for players of all skill levels, starting out as well as seasoned players.

5- The compact size and light weight make it portable and practical. The well polished surface and delicate engravings make it more lovely.

6- The tuning wrench is included for an easy self-tuning, and it is easy to operate to keep it in tune.

7- A wonderful music instrument gift for family and friends. Includes a guidebook for beginners.

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